motorcycle accident

Those who enjoy riding motorcycles often view it as more than a hobby. Motorcyclists enjoy the freedom and exhilaration they experience when they are on the open road. However, serious bodily injuries should never be ignored, and road rash is a common injury suffered by motorcyclists who drop their bikes and by motorcyclists who are involved in collisions.

The Most Common Types of Road Rash Reported By Motorcyclists in Bozeman, Montana

Road rash is generally organized into three tiers. First-degree road rash is the least severe form of road rash, and it harms only the topmost layer of the epidermis. The majority of first-degree road rash cases will not cause permanent scarring.

Second-degree road rash is characterized by damage to tendons and muscles. Also, swelling and bleeding are common symptoms of second-degree road rash. Most cases of second-degree road rash involve a bacterial infection. If a motorcyclist suffers second-degree road rash, then they must seek medical treatment immediately.

Third-degree road rash is the most severe form of road rash, and it involves the removal of the epidermis. These injuries often produce excessive bleeding and unbearable pain. Motorcyclists who suffer third-degree road rash will likely suffer permanent scarring. Typically, individuals who suffer these injuries must undergo skin grafts and other surgical procedures. Also, many accident victims suffer permanent disfigurement.

Tissue necrosis and nerve damage

Nerve damage and tissue damage are two of the most common types of motorcycle accident victims experience. Tissue necrosis involves serious trauma that causes muscle and tissue to become necrotic. Unfortunately, these injuries cause extreme pain, and most victims must undergo immediate surgical procedures to prevent further tissue and muscle loss.

Nerve damage is common during motorcycle accidents, and those who experience nerve damage may need to participate in physical rehabilitation and physical therapy before they begin to heal. Any motorcyclist who suffers road rash must be assessed for tissue necrosis and nerve damage by a physician.

Complications That Frequently Arise Due to Road Rash Injuries

Road rash can produce complications that are likely to lead to a severe infection. The following are some of the most common complications that arise due to road rash injuries:

  • Permanent tissue, muscle, and nerve damage
  • Chronic pain 
  • Blood poisoning 
  • Tetanus 
  • Staph infection 
  • Bacterial infections 
  • Permanent scarring 

Infections may cause further serious bodily injury or death if medical care is not sought immediately. In some cases, motorcyclists may believe they suffered only minor injuries during a motorcycle accident. However, symptoms may not become noticeable until weeks or months after the date of the incident.

Seek medical attention immediately after a motorcycle accident.

It is imperative that all motorcyclists who suffer injuries seek medical care as soon as possible. If you do not seek medical attention, you may suffer further injuries, and this delay in seeking medical care may harm any subsequent civil lawsuit. It is important that you establish a record of your injuries and your medical treatment so you can substantiate your legal claims.

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