trucking accident

Trucking accidents are generally more complex than automobile accidents. One primary reason for this complexity is that trucking accidents often involve multiple defendants who may be liable for the accident victim’s injuries. If you suffered injuries during a truck accident, then you need to be able to discern which parties will be named as defendants in a civil lawsuit. 

Common Defendants Named in Truck Accident Cases

Many different parties may be liable in a truck accident case. The facts of the case will determine how many parties may be named as defendants because some truck drivers own their trucks while other truck drivers operate trucks owned or leased by truck companies. The following are some of the most common defendants named in truck accident cases:

Truck Inspectors 

Truck companies and truck drivers both depend on certified inspectors to identify safety issues and mechanical problems. Trucks spend thousands of hours every year in operation, and proper inspection is essential to keeping trucks in good working order. A certified inspector may be liable for an accident victim’s injuries if they did not perform their duties according to recognized policies and procedures. 

Commercial Trucking Companies

Commercial trucking companies are often one of the main defendants in truck accident cases. Many trucking companies classify their drivers as either employees or independent contractors. This distinction can determine if the employer is liable for the victim’s injuries. The trucking company can typically be named as a defendant when its driver is involved in a truck accident. Many truck companies may not adequately screen employees or independent contractors before hiring them. 

Truck Owners 

Truck drivers may or may not own the trucks they drive while engaged in their employment. A truck accident may arise due to a truck driver failing to maintain the vehicle in a reasonable manner. If the truck driver engaged in negligent conduct, then the truck driver may be liable for the accident victim’s injuries. 

Documentary Evidence in Truck Accident Cases 

If you are involved in a truck accident case, then it is important to obtain all the relevant documentary evidence that will benefit your case. Therefore, you may need to obtain log books, black box data, and metadata from the truck itself. Depending on the nature and severity of the truck accident, it may be impossible to obtain some of this evidence.

Reaching out to a truck accident attorney can help you learn about the types of evidence that will help you substantiate your legal claims. It can be intimidating to review all the different types of evidence that can be applicable to your case. However, if you consult a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer, you will have a better chance of obtaining the evidence you need to establish the liability of the defendant. 

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