Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Bozeman, Montana

On average, every 66 minutes a pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident in the United States. Pedestrians account for one in six people who died in crashes in 2021. There are an estimated 104,000 emergency department visits for non-fatal pedestrian injuries per year.

Pedestrians often have the right of way when crossing intersections or other busy roadways. However, distracted and otherwise inattentive drivers too often negligently fail to see pedestrians and hit them. Some drivers choose to ignore pedestrians or not yield to them. Pedestrians can suffer serious bodily injuries or death if they are struck by an automobile. However, it is also possible for pedestrians to cause accidents by entering busy streets or acting in a negligent manner. 

Pedestrians can suffer catastrophic injuries because they are not protected by any barrier during the force of impact caused by an accident. A pedestrian accident lawyer can determine the cause of an accident by examining the accident scene and retaining experts to assess the evidence associated with a case. 

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident, then you may have to spend time at physical therapy appointments and sessions with medical specialists. Negligence is an important concept related to all pedestrian accidents. The four elements of negligence are duty, breach, causation, and damages. 

Each of these elements must be proved by a preponderance of the evidence. Eyewitness testimony and documentary evidence are commonly used in pedestrian accident cases. It is important to establish your theory of the case early on so you can seek monetary compensation for your injuries. 

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The Damages Pedestrians Can Seek in Pedestrian Accident Cases 

Pedestrian accidents occur in both rural and urban parts of Montana. In pedestrian accident cases, an injured pedestrian may be allowed to seek the following kinds of damages: 

  • Medical bills associated with the medical treatment the victim received for their injuries 
  • Monetary compensation for lost earnings 
  • Loss of enjoyment in life due to being unable to do the things you enjoyed before the pedestrian accident 
  • Punitive damages if the responsible party acted maliciously, wantonly, or recklessly. Punitive damages are intended to punish the responsible party and deter them from committing the same conduct in the future. 

Pedestrian Accidents and Public Safety 

Pedestrian accidents often involve public safety because many pedestrian accidents occur at intersections and other areas where members of the public gather together. Also, drivers who strike pedestrians may risk injuring large numbers of people at once. These accidents can involve municipalities, private companies, and public property. Having a knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney on your side can help you make sense of the complexity associated with pedestrian accident cases. 

It may be possible that you need to consider multiple claims associated with one pedestrian accident. It can be intimidating to consider all of the factors that are relevant to your pedestrian accident case. Dealing with insurance companies and municipalities can be frustrating because they are going to protect their interests and offer you low settlement amounts. However, you can seek legal representation and assert your legal rights. Do not be afraid to stand up for your right to seek financial compensation for your injuries. 

Other pedestrians may have been injured with you at the same time. You may have to consider when you will join with other plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit. Consulting a pedestrian accident attorney is the best way to determine if you may need to opt in to being a class member in a class action case.